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Current Issues Navigating with GPS and What Is Your Fallback

  • 29 Sep 2023 11:50 PM
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    There have been numerous reports of GPS failures and errors recently.  Attached is a great Ops is the second in a two part alert.  I know we have all have really fallen back on GPS as our go to form of navigation so I thought that I would throw this up on the forum as a discussion.

    I truly believe that a solid foundation of Instrument flight training can prepare anyone for a GPS error or failure.  And yes that even includes NDB approaches.  Yes NDB is outdated in the United States but when you fly down to South America you may find yourself relying on it and will certainly be glad you have the training on it, I know I have found myself in that position when I flew through South America.

    What is your fallback to GPS?  

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  • 09 Oct 2023 7:19 AM
    Reply # 13264766 on 13261254

    Interesting that you should bring this up. I recently did dome training in my Cirrus. Unlike the aircraft I used to fly with triple FMS and IRS, VOR is my only means of navigation without GPS. I did a DME arc to a BC but that is all generated by GPS until outside the FAF when it transfers to LOC. No DME. I have become more interested in the MON and being able to navigate VOR more proficiently. I can do LOC, VOR and ILS but will need vectors or have to navigate VOR to get in position for an approach if needed. Unfortunately the possibility of GPS shutdown just increased in the last couple days.

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